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The Who, What, WTF Dilemna (or is it Dilemma) of HAF Munchies

And now, a quick word from the CEO of HAF Munchies for our new arrivals.

Welcome to HAF Munchies.

While we are still very much under construction, we are thrilled to see much of the infrastructure is well in place for growth. We look forward to revealing more about our subdomain options for your very own HAF Munchies Storefront (available with Monthly, Yearly, and Long-Term Contract Renewal Rates). We also have exclusive HAF Munchies Baggies for our Early Bird Registration members.

Have You Joined Your Desired HAF Munchies Fan Club Yet?

We are currently accepting membership in our three top HAF Munchies brands (Hungry, Horny, and High). By becoming a member of your desired HAF Munchies Fan Club(s), you are financially contributing to the growth of our Virtual Local Franchises infrastructure (Think of the Interns). As a thank you to our Early Bird Registration members, we are offering a discounted Monthly Renewal Rate on any available  Virtual Local Franchises.


CEO, HAF Munchies


The CEO of HAF Munchies oversees a vast array of  Virtual Local Franchises.

Who is HAF Munchies?

HAF Munchies is the brand behind a series of Virtual Local Franchises, operating mostly in the Hungry, Horny, and High online shopping / local distribution markets.

We provide the online storefront, you provide the local distribution.

Donut S'more

Oh…did we fail to say there were munchies involved.

What is HAF Munchies?

The first step is to register your online HAF Munchies account.  Once registered, you will receive an e-mail with your HAF Munchies Account and Password. Once you sign into HAF Munchies, you will have the ability to purchase your desired Virtual Locale Franchises (eg: Hungry, Horny, High) and Fan Club Memberships.

Please Note: Upon any purchase, you will be contacted by a representative of HAF Munchies to discuss online or offline payment options. Upon successful payment, your purchase will be processed (per Terms and Conditions of Agreement).

WTF is HAF Munchies?

Now that you have successfully registered your account, your next step is to become a Fan Club Member of your desired Virtual Local Franchises (Horny, Hungry, High). Once you are a member of a particular HAF Munchies Fan Club, you can further explore the world of HAF and Munchies related Virtual Local Franchises.