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Half Baked | What do you guys want ?

Get some…

sour cream and onion chips…

with some dip, man.

Some beef jerky.

Some peanut butter.

Get some Haagen Dazs

ice cream bars. A whole lot.

Make sure chocolate.

Gotta have chocolate, man.

Some popcorn. Bread. Popcorn.

Graham crackers.

Graham crackers with the marshmallows,

the little marshmallows.

And little chocolate bars.

We’ll make some smores, man.

Yeah, that’s what

l was sayin’, yo.

Also celery, grape jelly, Captain Crunch

with the little crunch berries.


We need two big pizzas, man.

Everything on ’em.

With water, whole lot of water.

And… Funyuns.